Verbod ADB-B

Per heden, 16 april 2024, zijn ADB-Butinaca en A-PiHP officieel verboden door de Nederlandse wetgeving. We waren reeds sinds 2023 gestopt met de verkoop van A-PiHP, maar per direct is ook ADB-BUTINACA niet meer te koop. 15 april 2024 zijn de laatste bestellingen verzonden met betrekking tot ADB-B. Mocht er alsnog een betaling binnenkomen van een reeds geplaatste bestelling met ADB-B, dan zullen we de bestelling annuleren of simpelweg ADB-B uit de bestelling halen en het (verschil) terugbetalen.

Excuses voor het ongemak en dank voor je begrip.

Greets, De Professor 🙂

Mocht je meer willen weten over het aankomende stofgroepenverbod, lees dan snel verder op ons artikel over de Nieuwe Wetgeving.

4 reacties op “Verbod: ADB-BUTINACA en A-PiHP

  1. anthoine.v. zegt:

    Hello, I recently placed an order with you. This command was the adB butinaca. I still have no news and still no follow-up. I can you can send me news or send me the transfer. order number 272975

    V. Antoine

  2. Valverde zegt:

    Since when did you know this particular ban? I thought ADB-B was supposed to be banned in the upcoming blanket ban. Its a shame I didn’t know about this particular date as it definitely wasn’t mentioned in even the official government documents about this I read like 2 months ago. Otherwise I would have bought a lot last week still. A shame.

    RIP final cannabinoid.

    And to the government, enjoy your random deaths like what happened in the UK in 2016 after the blanket ban. Jesus, look at what Portugal is doing and how we are treating our own people. Look at how both America and Germany legalized weed just because the Dutch system doesn’t work. Germany even gives us as example why they legalized it in the first place.
    The Netherlands was the first official narco state with the Amsterdam Cocaine Factory, heck it was the only reason we stayed neutral in WW1, we wanted to sell coke to both sides. We should have just embraced our natural roots and now the USA has blasted past us with million dollar weed companies on the stock market. That global weed market would and should have been ours if our government wasn’t so backwards thinking all the time.

    • The Professor zegt:

      Unfortunately we got the confirmation Monday 15th of April in the afternoon. So we weren’t even able to warn our customers, but it was already on the ‘Soon forbidden’ list. We don’t like the ban either 🙁

      Greets, The Professor

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